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SAGA - Lords of Strut

CIACLA, Suite B1
Theatre and Dance Performance

An epic saga of two brothers and their destiny to dance!

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From the lads that brought you RELEASE THE FREAK, the boys that concord the street performance world, confused the head off Simon Cowel on BGT, stars of THISISPOPBABY’s RIOT (don’t tell Panti) and Absolute Legends……. comes a mythical memoir of how they came to be, A PopOpera of daring, disappointments and delusions… a family feud finds the brothers in a secretive yet epic battle for the soul of the world!

The clothes are too tight, the dreams are too big and there might not be enough room in this double act for the two of them!

Yes there will be dance – Yes there will be drama – Yes there will be keytar!

***** “TRULY SUBVERSIVE” – New York Times *****


Lords of Strut have been ripping it up across the Irish and international festival scene since they first squeezed themselves into spandex. Their unique brand of comedy acrobatics and what the hell are they doing has been delighting and confusing audiences in more than 25 countries (26 counting Cork) for 10 years! Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally perform and created the legend that is… LORDS OF STRUT