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Deep Water - A Group Exhibition

William Turner Gallery, Suite E1
Exhibition Dates: May 18 - July 6

William Turner Gallery is pleased to present, Deep Water, a group exhibition, opening on May 18th, 2019, 6-8 PM.

Deep Water, as an idiomatic phrase, often connotes a sense of danger and risk. Impliedly, one has moved from a situation of security and safety, to one fraught with peril, perhaps getting in over one’s head. Yet deep water is also the necessary condition to setting full sail, free from running aground. 

For the artists in this exhibition, Deep Water has these meanings and more. Water, like light, is an inspiration, a subject, and a metaphor. All have left the safety of the familiar, to strike out in that most intimidating of directions, diving deeply within, braving the fears of the unknown, in pursuit of an idea. For them, Deep Water is where the magic lies, and the artists in this exhibition have answered that call to the mystery and beauty of discovery. All have embarked on the perilous journeys of self-expression and discovery, and the freedom that awaits.

Natalie Arnoldi
Lita Albuquerque
Casper Brindle
Micky Hoogendijk
Greg Miller
Andy Moses
Jennifer Wolf

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