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Yvette Brown - Soaring, Stumbling and Surrendering

Lois Lambert Gallery, Suite E3
Exhibition dates: September 8 - November 3, 2018

Lois Lambert Gallery presents “With or Without External Forces” a series of oil on canvas paintings by the artist Yvette Brown. Yvette Brown’s work depicts clothed or robed human gures either in complete inertia, ying, falling or oating thru space.

The luminous figures that Yvette paints emphasize the beauty of the human body in motion, using the fabric of their clothing as a vehicle to accentuate the form and its movement. Yvette’s depiction of people being in a constant state of displacement, either stumbling, soaring, falling or rising is a form of poetry. Providing more than the formal attributes to the work, these figures in transitionary moments can be interpreted as a commentary on the human experience, constantly engaged in not just physical movement but also psychological, emotional or spiritual ups and downs.

Brown breaks the figures into multi-canvas constructions of varying depths in an attempt to contain aspects of the image in the same way that people try to structure and contain the chaos of everyday life. At times the multidimensional surfaces create a flattering image and at times the edges of the canvases create an altered depiction of the twisting body. The multi level canvasses push the visual experience but also aide in bringing people closer to view an unexpected facet of the paintings.

Yvette’s work is in direct conversation with painting styles from the high renaissance era. The draped fabric on the paintings is a fundamental character that provides a luscious quality to the work. In all of Yvette’s paintings the fabric resembles the draping of garments found on the deities depicted in paintings by Michelangelo or Titian. It’s through the use of that visual reference that Yvette’s work highlights beauty and elevates the people in her paintings into majestic beings.

Yvette’s influences include Lord Frederic Leighton, a 19th century neoclassicist painter, who was also influenced by high-renaissance artists as well as Issey Miyake, Kehinde Wiley, Lee Bontecou, Caravaggio, and graffiti artists.

Yvette M. Brown is a Los Angeles based artist. Brown has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout California, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Brown received her education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, starting as a fashion illustrator before she committed full time to her painting career. “My recipe for my paintings are luscious oil paints, add in a dash of headstands on skateboards, a glimpse of a dream, jumping out of an airplane into the mix, maybe some bumps and falls of life’s offerings.”