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Dave Lefner - What is in a Word

Skidmore Contemporary Art, Suite B4
Exhibition Dates: September 22 - October 20, 2018

"This upbeat, colorful exhibition is a tribute to the power of a single Word… the countless images that can be conjured; varied and unique to each viewer. Out in the urban landscape, we are bombarded by billboards, street signs, and advertisements screaming at us what to do, what to wear, or even how to think. For this show, I wanted to use individual neon letters (hand-carved reduction linocuts) to create the specific words and positive vibrations that I want to be surrounding me. My hope is that you'll bask in the warm glow of beauty, joy, and love, radiating from the gallery walls and recharge. Oh, and please have fun!"

- Dave Lefner

This is Dave Lefner's sixth one-person exhibition with Skidmore Contemporary Art. In 2017, he had a solo show at the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art which earned him a full-page feature in the Los Angeles Times. Notable collections include that of the Prints and Drawings Department of LACMA. Earlier this year Dave Lefner was featured on ABC's Eye on LA, "L.A. for those who love all things vintage."

Lefner has been the subject of two documentaries. Watch "The Optimistic Edge: Reduction Linocuts of Dave Lefner" on KCET's Artbound, produced in 2014.