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Allen Williams - Covenant

Copro Gallery, Suite T5
Exhibition dates: August 11 - September 1, 2018

Copro Gallery presents a solo art exhibition by artist Allen Williams 'Covenant'. This is Allen's first solo exhibit with Copro and his largest to date. The exhibit will feature many small and large paintings and drawings in both b/w and color. 

Artists' Statement:
The Blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. 
It is an Agreement to give voice to these images that I see as metaphors. 
Images that are an expression or desire to create Guardians, to stand against the inhumanity I see in our world today. 
It doesn't matter that they don't exist physically but only in graphite and paint. 
...and now, because you have seen them, they exist in you

The Covenant
We, the Covenant, have come. 
the Blood of the seal has been fixed upon the writ, the warrant issued, and the Covenant is entered. 
We have come in the service of souls to be executed in the aid of humankind. 
You, who have broken your hearts and souls against a callous world that does not tend to broken hearts and souls. 
We attend you

… and in your service we are set against the men seated upon high places but who are governed by low ideals. 
We attend you.

History: Allen has been a working artist and illustrator for over 28 years. "I began my career working small jobs throughout the industry, progressing into Magic the Gathering cards. I moved onto larger game jobs and books covers and eventually started working in the film and television industry doing concept art. Throughout this time I would also work on my own ideas, concepts and artwork. My art has been exhibited in galleries around the US and overseas. I have also written and illustrated a YA (young adult) book titled The Witches Kitchen published by Little Brown in 2010.

Contact: Gary Pressman, Gallery Director
Ph: 310/829-2156

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