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Sara Wylie Walsh - Patterns and Reflections

FIG - First Independent Gallery, Suite D2
Exhibition Dates: November 7 - December 1, 2018

In recent years the work of Sara Wylie Walsh has been concerned with various types of patterns. These may be found in nature, such as the patterns of tree bark, or patterns created by mathematical formulas such as fractals or music, or patterns brought about through spiritual creativity such as mandalas. Some are organic, some are calculated, some mystical. For the artist, this exploration of pattern in her art has allowed her to reflect on spirituality and philosophy, nature, humanity, life and mortality.

“Art, music and nature, these three govern both the form and content of my creative work. Like all artists, unconscious choices and inner sensibilities determine the images of my art, just as each seed opens and develops into its own unique plant.

“My current paintings evolved as a response to feelings of color, form and an emotional mood. I then embark on a journey of continuous choices. The first marks of paint upon the canvas maps out the path ahead: each line, shape or color that is added suggests the following steps. Throughout the creative process both intuition and feelings guide the direction of a painting. This organic process continues until the statement feels finished and the expression has reached completion. The final image is like my fingerprint ———it reveals who I am.

“A lifelong interest in music has been an influence upon my creative work. For like music, visual expressions say things for which there are no words. Characteristics such as rhythmic patterns, repetition, changing tempo, syncopated beat, polyphonic layering and melodic line reside in my memory bank. Musical compositions, in their themes and variations, have an impact upon me as I work in my studio.

“In addition to music, nature always permeates my creative work both as subject matter as well as in the spirit of the abstract paintings. In this exhibit one can see the reflections of trees in water and landscape fragments combined into layered prints and collages. The colors of autumn, the solitude of dawn and the pulse of the heart are all a mirror of the natural environment. Patterns in music and nature are reflected in the patterns in my paintings.

“Patterns and reflections ............ and the reflections of patterns ............ all reveal who I am.”

Sara Wylie Walsh received her B.A. from U.C.L.A., and M.A. from Arizona State University. She has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1985, and has been an art educator and curator.

Please note our holiday hours: Wednesday, November 21, 11 AM – 2 PM. Closed Thanksgiving Day, November 22.

For further information, please contact: Jeff Gambill, Director (310) 829-0345.

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